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  • PinnacleHealth Imaging
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Aug, 16, 2018
    Tara Sanderson
    I normally don't write reviews, but this time i just have to. My daughter had an appointment today for a glucose test. She went to the Imaging/laboratory in Dillsburg. Now my daughter is about 6 months pregnant and has had bad experiences when bl...
  • Franklins Automotive Services
    Feb, 03, 2018
    Virginia Rodgers
    I love it take my cars there all the time they tell me what I need to know so my cars stay up and running I love it take
  • Dillsburg Family Dentistry
    Jan, 18, 2018
    Becky Myers
    I have never understood why dentists get such a bad wrap....perhaps my opinion had been swayed because this is such a good one. Friendly service where they take time to learn your name. Great with kids....

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